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The Admin TEAM

Admin Solutions is a family based team of administrators and innovators, comprising t members with experience and knowledge in Administration, Training and Entrepreneurial Leadership Development and Problem Solving. Although two members are in the background assisting, it is Wilma van der Merwe who is the face, passion and drive behind the company.

Noting the challenges faced by business owners and entrepreneurs, Wilma  saw the need for a service providing Administrative Solutions to small businesses and start-up company’s.

With her vast experience in the administration and personal assistant field, and ability to manage the debt recovery department in the medical profession, she is well suited to offering a high standard of administrative services and solutions. Accustomed to addressing the changing needs of an office and supporting colleges and superiors with excellent administrative skills, she brings forth high quality organizational skills and a  self motivated drive to achieve excellence at Virtual Admin Solutions.

Wilma and her team at Admin Solutions are passionate and able to provide the administrative skills and innovative solutions unique to your business needs.

– The Admin Team

        Wilma Van Der Merwe

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